Henry's Funeral Shoe CD reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Henry's Funeral Shoe CD reviewed by Michael Coleman
Mar 23, 2009, 03:43

Henry's Funeral Shoe - Everything's for Sale

HENRY'S FUNERAL SHOE Everything's For Sale CD

South Wales boogie band Henry's Funeral Shoe come barreling out of the gate on their debut album —Everything's for Sale—proudly wearing their influences like some kind of retro blues badge.

The young duo dutifully cites (on their MySpace page) the Stones, the Who, The Faces, Son House and the Black Keys as mentors. And sure enough, echoes of those acts are all over the record's rollicking opening tracks. The brothers even cop from some bands they don't acknowledge, namely Bon Scott-era AC/DC, the Cult and Deep Purple.

So, the tunes are a bit derivative. But what do you know? Some of them still pack a wallop. Guitarist-singer Alled Clifford belts with a distinctive howl, and he pumps a fat, sinister tone from his Strat. Meanwhile, brother Brennig pounds the skins with manic muscle, keeping the rhythm locked in a ragged groove.

Standouts include the eponymous title track and “Second Hand Prayer,” a blistering, bluesy acknowledgement that sometimes a man just has needs. Henry's Funeral Shoe still needs to work on developing its own sound, but on this debut they do a pretty convincing job with the ones they've borrowed. [Alive]

-Michael Coleman


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