Burning Brides CD/LP reviewed by Joseph P. Larkin

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Burning Brides CD/LP reviewed by Joseph P. Larkin
Apr 21, 2009, 02:10

Burning Brides - Anhedonia


A couple years ago, Dimitri and Melanie Coats, the husband-wife team at the core of Burning Brides, were asked by Magnet magazine to make a mixed tape. Being strung out on dope and just dropped by their record label, the two lovers had plenty of time to do just that! Here's what they came up with…together: “Nobody's Fault” by Aerosmith, “Negative Creep” by the Kurdt Kobain Trio, “Jesus Christ Pose,” Soundgarden's retarded ode to something-or-other, “Joed out” by The Verlaines, “Again” by Alice in Chains, “Romeo” by the Wipers, “Geek U.S.A.” by Them Smashin' Pumpkins and, finally, “Waterloo Sunset” by The Kinks. Obviously, the pair's taste is somewhat questionable if not fucking terrible, but the track listing of that tape reveals volumes (get it?) about the minds who have created the classic Burning Brides sound, which is heavy as fuck and yet catchy as shit at the very same time—this is a hard rockin' band with a pop sensibility, thus their influences make total sense even if they're totally shameful. Looking over the band's list of favorite songs, it's not hard to understand why the Brides have been called grunge countless times; as alluded to earlier, the band plays sludgy rock music with epic hooks, the kind that dig into you and stay stuck in your skull for hours at a time, which is not unlike all that grunge that was so fashionable in the early '90s.

But don't hold the grunginess (not a real word?) of this band's sound against the Brides, as the group is nowhere near as dopy as you'd think them to be from reading the previous paragraph. In fact, this power trio plays music so powerful that it will put hair on your chest even if you don't want any on there to begin with. (Ladies, you may wanna steer clear of this band's records.)

In 2007, the band got its shit together and released Hang Love on its own imprint, signaling a creative rebirth for the Brides. Hot on the heels of Hang Love comes Anhedonia, again produced and released independently by the band itself. Truth be told, Anhedonia could just as easily have been named Hang Love Part 2, as there isn't much difference sonically between the two. That's not bad, mind you—both records rock rather hard and isn't that the most important thing? Of course it is, you silly goose! Just don't expect much innovation from these guys and gal. I can't even be bothered to discuss any of the songs in detail cos they all sound roughly the same…in a good way.

You probably guessed by now that Burning Brides aren't blazing any new trails. Clearly, their music is derivative as I've described and, admittedly, most of the songs off of Anhedonia sound like outtakes from the band's Hang Love. Whatever. If you're looking to rock out with your cock out, Anhedonia will suit your needs nicely, especially if you used to wear flannel in high school. [Burning Brides]

-Joseph P. Larkin


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