Autopilot Is For Lovers CD reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Autopilot Is For Lovers CD reviewed by Troy Brookins
Apr 22, 2009, 19:34



Portland duo Adrienne Hatkin and Paul Seely make up Autopilot Is For Lovers, a multi-instrumental-Americana-gothic-affair that often sounds like it was born out of Appalachia rather than the Pacific North West. The pair strike an interesting balance between old and new on To the Wolves that keeps at a safe distance from being overwhelmingly derivative and redundant while handily establishing their own identity, which is a nifty trick when it comes to mining the sounds of the South. Hatkin's desperate delivery has a nice guttural warble with plenty of vulnerability that works with the sparse arrangements as well as the few times that Hatkin and Seely opt to get explosive—creating a dark seduction that's impossible to ignore. These moments hold up well against the mix of folksy-blues and southeastern European instrumentation—creating dreamy atmospheric ballads that showcase Hatkin's ability to wrap her vocals around anything. Possibly the most genuine thing I've heard all year. [Bladen County]

-Troy Brookins


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