Boiled in Lead CD reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Boiled in Lead CD reviewed by Michael Coleman
Apr 22, 2009, 19:24



Twenty-five years after their first gig at the old Upper Deck in Minneapolis, folk-rockers Boiled in Lead are still delivering intense, Celtic-flavored cacophonies, most recently on the aptly titled Silver.

The record kicks off in a traditional vein with “Apple Tree Wassail,” billed as a “Devon/Somerset song for cider blessings.” Then, Boiled in Lead launch into “the Sunset”—what sounds like a bass-heavy intro for a classic Metallica number—at least for a minute or so. Suddenly, the lilting violins remind us this is a folky thing.  Another  standout is the rollicking “Corner House,” with deft guitar picking reminiscent of Richard Thompson.

On Silver, the vocals are sparse and the arrangements are sturdy and melodic. If you like some rock with your folk, and dig an Irish edge that's cleaner than say, the Pogue's boozy sound, then take Boiled in Lead for a spin. [Omnium]

-Michael Coleman


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