Mystery Girls CD/LP reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Mystery Girls CD/LP reviewed by Troy Brookins
Apr 22, 2009, 19:28

Mystery Girls - Incontinopia


Wisconsin's Mystery Girls have been AWOL over the last few years leaving all to wonder whatever happened to the best band to come out of the Badger State since Killdozer. These kids made their mark with a couple of singles and a full-length and then hit the sophomore slump harder than Chinese-algebra. I thought they were dead. Fortunately, they got their shit together and made the long wait well worth it—delivering plenty of raw stomp and shout throughout Incontinopia. The swagger is plentiful as well as the dirty licks that made everyone pay attention in the first place. Casey Grajek and the boys are back in fine form dealing catchy, psychedelic garage rock to the devotees and anyone willing to listen. And you're waiting for what? [In The Red]

-Troy Brookins


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