IGGY POP Lust For Life DVD

Nothing like a 1986 German documentary to cast Iggy in a new, dim, light.

I was as big a fan as there ever was, knowing well that the Stooges were the best rock and roll band that ever existed. That is indisputable in these ears. But Iggy's post-Stooges career has been one bad scene after another, and the footage from 1986 on this shows a true Stooge, unflatteringly arrogant and sadly benign. It conjures up that footage of the fake Stooges trying to make it through an uninspired tune on the set of Henry Rollins' bad TV show on IFC (which was just awful and made worse by Rollins' fawning, lapdog suck-up during the interview segment).

No, watching the Lust for Life DVD forces one to recall the plainly poor music Iggy has tried to pass off over the years. Candy, Blah Blah Blah, New Values, Soldier. All bad, bad music. There has been the good post-Stooges as well, of course; The Idiot, Lust for Life, American Caesar, even Naughty Little Doggie. But the naked exposure of his 80s period shows just how much Iggy would grovel for acceptance. While he finally has received the attention that he deserved during those Stooges days, there is much he should be taken down for in his bid for stardom.

The most compelling footage in Lust for Life is of Ron Asheton in his house on Ann Arbor's West side, talking earnestly about playing in the band that he lived for. It is touching and well worth the admission price.  It's the same house that Asheton passed in last January. I walked by day after his body was found, and there it was, surrounded by cop cars in case there were curious passers by. There were none. It was a cloudy, dismal day and no one cared. That was as sorrowful as watching Iggy on this DVD. Iggy's legacy is tarnished in a way that only repeated listens to the Funhouse box can remedy. With a head full of that, even the dismal bid for pop favor documented on this DVD can be forgiven. But never forgotten. [MVD]



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  1. Ricki Dee says:

    Hello Steve
    I remember fifteen or so years ago when I enjoyed sending compilation videos out to folks who didn't necessarily want them...I put this TV show on one of the tapes I sent to you
    "This is so Boss i can't walk!" you said at the time "But I forgot about Iggy's 'Loverboy' period in the 80s"
    I think I sent you some of the Heartbreakers footage you've reviewed elsewhere...there was some good stuff I put on there (among some nonsense, I'll admit)
    The internet is making my collection obsolete...and there are few traders around...but I still find some gems once in awhile...I have some JSN vids by Soderberg I copped off him a few years back...
    Good to see you and Your Flesh are still around...hopefully we can get back in touch eventually...

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