Push-Pull CD reviewed by Brett Horn

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Push-Pull CD reviewed by Brett Horn
May 11, 2009, 05:20

Push Pull - Hello Soldier!!!

PUSH-PULL Hello Soldier!!! CD

This is a reissue of a self-released disc first put out in 2005 by three guys named Mike. It's fairly standard lo-fi punk pop. I'm all for this kind of thing, if it's done right, and tossed off doesn't necessarily add up to tossed out, in my book. But some decent songs (even if they're only half-finished) and some hooks are required to pull it off and they're noticeably absent here. It's hard to be overly critical of something so lacking in ambition and meant to be just a simple bit of fun, but this is uninspired and a drag; I'm simply at a loss to understand why anyone would feel strongly enough about this disc to re-release it. I'll stop short of saying something snarky in deference to the lack of ego involved, but a little more effort please. My time has some value, after all. [Sick Room]

-Brett Horn


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