Iron and Wine 2xCD reviewed by Troy Brookins

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Iron and Wine 2xCD reviewed by Troy Brookins
May 22, 2009, 04:19


IRON AND WINE Around the Well 2XCD

One time professor of film and cinematography, Sam Beam, recorded some campfire songs with no intention of sharing them beyond family and friends. Fortunately, some of those friends made sure the songs ended up at Sub Pop—landing Beam a record deal. Nice story for someone who has remained humble and unassuming.

Seven years and a few albums later, Around The Well collects the out-of-print, never released and a few covers spread across two discs that are split between Beams' stripped down singer/songwriter work and his proper studio material. While Beam's early tracks never blew me away, I do appreciate their simplicity and solitude. It was around the Woman King EP that I started to take notice. When Beam collaborates with other musicians the beauty in his songs is instantly magnified without losing the core of the man's subtle folksy delivery.

While a lot of collections of unreleased material only serve the hardcore fan with a bunch of toss-offs that never should have never made it out of the studio, Around The Well is good enough to keep those already smitten very happy as well as serve as a starting point for those who have yet to check out Iron And Wine's catalog. When anyone's leftovers are this good, it's time to take notice. [Sub Pop]

-Troy Brookins


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