Neil Young CD reviewed by Daniel House

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Neil Young CD reviewed by Daniel House
May 27, 2009, 06:55

Neil Young - Fork In the Road

NEIL YOUNG Fork In The Road CD

Neil Young is one of the few living legends left in music these days. Let's face it: over the last fifteen years or so, the number of bands that will have any far-reaching relevance or posthumous catalog sales five years after their demise are few and far between. So it's nice to see that Neil keeps on cranking out records every year or two. He's like a reliable old car, an unstoppable workhorse who never seems to run out of juice. Reliable old cars however need to be put in the garage at some point and retired from the road. I'm not saying that Neil should retire, however Fork In the Road is one of those records that exists simply because it can. It's not bad per se, it's just a Neil Young record that sounds exactly like a Neil Young record, in the most rote and formulaic way. It is immediately recognizable as a new collection of songs from Neil, but they are clichéd and watered down versions of better days. “Light A Candle” is one of the few exceptions, a plaintiff acoustic number with some beautiful pedal steel, but it's buried second to last on the CD, a strange choice in sequencing.

Neil Young paid his dues decades ago, but a continued string of records like this will see this legend slipping slowly into irrelevance. Is it better to burn out than fade away? Fork In the Road appears an indication that you can do both [Reprise]

-Daniel House


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