The Horrors CD reviewed by Tony Rettman

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The Horrors CD reviewed by Tony Rettman
May 28, 2009, 22:44

The Horrors - Primary Colours

THE HORRORS Primary Colours CD

Unlike many other music writers, I believe dudes with stupid haircuts are people too. Without them, we wouldn't have the likes of The Birthday Party, Discharge, Hanoi Rocks...the list goes on and on. Although I show respect to big haired Euros who kicked proverbial bung and broke down some musical barriers in the past, I got my own home written law that anyone sporting those same kinda 'dos in this day and age have no place in my life or music collection. But then came the exception in Brit hipsters The Horrors. Their previous incarnation as some sort of vampire garage rock horse shitters left most people with half a brain cold, but the material displayed here on their sophomore full length is intriguing as hell to say the least. On the surface, the whole of this record could be taken as a mere reflection of a band member's ever expanding record collection, but I hear and feel something more bubbling from its depths listen after listen. The constantly whirling and affected guitar throughout most of the tracks may reek of a well worn copy of Loveless (and let's not forget those copies of The Perfect Prescription, Unknown Pleasures and Tago Mago somewhere there on the studio floor) but in all the hairspray and eyeliner lies a feeling of homage more genuine than anything I've heard from the studied poo-gazing indie sect in a long time. Somewhere down the line, words like ‘departure' and ‘daring' will swim around this disc's reputation. For now, let's just say it's a hell of a lot better and heartfelt than the Wooden Shjips or Eat Skull and leave it at that. [XL Recordings]

-Tony Rettman


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