CHRISTMAS ON MARS directed by Wayne Coyne

Naw, actually this must be Xmas for Okies; The homes/trailers in Oklahoma look a lot like the space ship in this faux-50s sci-fi flick. Some pretty standard 60s space trash worship on the video side and plenty of ethereal soundtrack buzz on the audio. In between, there are fetuses, cheap tin spaceships, and perhaps a snatch or two of duct tape to hold the set together. Acting is solid for a home movie, but I can't recommend on that basis. This is B-movie fun that fans will swoon for while the rest of us wonder why we're here.

Saw the Flaming Lips in the late 80s; it was a tight unit and a show full of smoke, feedback and hair—see how far they run from one excess to the next—pop fame gives them a license and they do much better things with it than most do. Now let me get back to another listen to “Out for a Walk.” [Warner Bros.]


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