Mannequin Men LP reviewed by Steve Miller

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Mannequin Men LP reviewed by Steve Miller
Jun 8, 2009, 04:35


MANNEQUIN MEN Lose Your Illusion, Too LP/CD

Nice guys, these Mannequin Men. I have no actual knowledge of this, never met or spoke with one of them, but their collective cheer punches its way into every song. Even when the mood attempts cynicism, anger, angst: cheer-cheer-cheer. The simpleton sing-song on “(Who is) Alice Golden?” makes me want to buy them all some beer. Hell, how about one of those little kegs of Heineken? The clattering guitars string me out in a kind fashion, and sometimes the voice sounds like Verlaine—Tom, not Paul—in fact, what the fuck would the very broke and dissolute Paul Verlaine sound like on the mic? Not very cheery.

Speaking of cheer—and Wire/Television, good vibes, great songs, self-effacing fun, wit—the MM have it all. You hear the earnest desperation in something like “Exquisite Corpse” and they have you for a second—then you have to remember, MM are happy, nice fellows, and even when they are sounding a little down, you know they are just messin' with you. I stop being happy when I take off this LP. Put it back on: Presto—happy. I have tossed my Citalopram, my Dextromethorphan and my Fluoxetine and now just listen to MM all day. And my appetite is back. Thank you, MM, the beer is on me. [Flameshovel]



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