Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds CD reissues reviewed by Steve Miller

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Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds CD reissues reviewed by Steve Miller
Jun 8, 2009, 04:13


NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS From Her to Eternity CD reissue NICK CAVE & THE BAD SEEDS First Born is Dead CD reissue

A bigger fan you will not find than right here. Seen Cave/Bad Seeds live 7 times, have most everything out there, blah, blah, see you at the convention.

 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - From Her to Eternity (2009 Remaster)

But the reissue of the first four LPs is a simple money grab, offering little in the way of extras and, in the case of Eternity, actually taking away the audio version of “In the Ghetto” and replacing it with the video (which was never much to see anyway).

The high point of these reissues are feature videos in which the respective works are discussed by a number of players, some of whom we know, including Blixa, Barry Adamson, Rowland Howard, Mick Harvey and Warren Ellis, Martin Rev, Flood, and a host of folks we don't have a clue about.  Or in the case of Moby, folks we don't care about.

The eyewear featured on some of the players in the video is most impressive, though, and we're pretty sure someone missed an endorsement boat somewhere. After all, money grab, nice commercial potential…where are the marketers?

In the DVD accompanying Eternity, the Birthday Party and its impact are discussed at length but we are denied any footage to back up the (correct) claims.

 Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Firstborn Is Dead (2009 Digital Remaster)

For First Born, these discussions focus on the progression of the Bad Seeds and Nick Cave's obsession with the gothic South of the U.S. But again, we are denied anything other than talking heads doing a lot of animated blathering.

Both the DVDs are fine if you want an SXSW-styled panel discussion of the “art” of Cave and Seeds. But, as I said, if that's the case, your obsession has legs and arms. And you need to get out more.

Further, in these two reissues at least—Kicking Against the Pricks and Your Funeral…My Trial are also given this treatment—we have no outtakes, no unreleased material and liner notes that simply restate what has already been written about Cave and the band. Astute fans that will pick this up are more likely to have their own opinion and could probably write more insightful pieces than these.

And then there's the issue of label Mute's (and disturbingly many other labels) new practice of handing out digitally downloadable versions of the releases (inferior format) for review. As if any knowledgeable scribe is not going to have this stuff in the first place. Maybe it's an attempt to convert those who have not heard, giving them that “have you ever heard this before?” in-the-know sheen of cool.

Doesn't matter; These are great albums from a great artist. You likely have them. If you don't, save your money and get the originals. And may the force be with you. [Mute]


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