Beast CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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Beast CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Jun 23, 2009, 17:27

Beast - Beast


Rare is the release during which you actually await the next song to see what will happen. This is one of those.

When I move from the guitar-in-the-front opener, “Devil” to the Funkadelic fist pump of “Mr. Hurricane,” the idea of Beast becomes something more than just one more piece of product. It's a terrific dozen songs that walk through influences and genres without having any trace of an identity crisis. Thrill Kill Kult, Ministry, George Clinton, indy sirens of every era, jazzbo thrillers of the 60s, thug rappers from the South Side, and gothic orchestral maneuvers and a Berlin cabaret all walk together in hot shit finery.

The band: a Canadian two piece with a lot of pretense, dropping names like Coltrane and Zeppelin in their press releases. Bad idea. Making music: good idea. The band's introspection should earn them a lifetime ban from penning anything other than music. For that is what Beast does in a fine fashion. I'd love to see them live. [Verve Forecast]



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