White Rabbits CD reviewed by Steve Miller

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White Rabbits CD reviewed by Steve Miller
Jun 23, 2009, 17:19

White Rabbits - It's Frightening

WHITE RABBITS It's Frightening CD

We have a problem here and it comes from a band that no one in the tiny vicinity of White Rabbits should know. Uriah Heep in 1972 had a song called “Blind Eye” on its Magician's Birthday LP, a tripping-over-itself acoustic driven number, very good. Who the Hell would be thinking of that when they slap on the latest from a band from Brooklyn, which is ground zero for earnest, artsy, night clubbo cocaine creativity? But “They Done Wrong/We Done Wrong” hit the player and this reviewer's tiny mind began reeling. Where the fuck have I heard that song before? It took an hour or so, White Rabbits had gone back to their hole, and I was still crawling around in my head. For no reason, there it was—Uriah Heep. Which led to the test: “Blind Eye” in one player, “They Done Wrong” in the other. And play back and forth. Same song. Dad had the record would be the excuse. But a dude named Ken Hensley, a 64-year-old keyboard player with a lot of miles and a fine musical pedigree, had the muse. Let's hope he doesn't hear of White Rabbits because he would have one convincing case if he does. So what's next guys: a version of “Stealin'"? [TBD Records]



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