Thomas Function CD reviewed by James Jackson Toth

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Thomas Function CD reviewed by James Jackson Toth
Jul 2, 2009, 09:40

Thomas Function - Celebration!


It's hard to describe Thomas Function without making them sound boring, though the band is anything but. It isn't their fault—there's just been such a glut of 'garage / punk / noise pop' bands popping up lately, it's become hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. Celebration, the band's debut album on the always reliable, Alive! label, follows a couple of singles, and is most definitely all wheat. Though hailing from the unlikely hotspot of Huntsville, Alabama, Thomas Function's sensibility is closer to British bands than to, say, The Black Lips. Listen to "Conspiracy of Praise" and tell me it doesn't sound like a lost Pulp rocker. The band runs through thirteen frenetic pop songs that sound at once familiar and refreshingly modern—imagine Richard Hell fronting The Buzzcocks and you have it about right. The band is also not above throwing a curveball, like the loping country rocker "2012 Blues," which features slide guitar and imagines Violent Femmes via Television. The band's best tune (so far) remains "Relentless Machines," an irresistible, remarkably catchy, organ drenched pop song that rivals any garage rock band this side of The Gories. You had me at “hello,” dudes. [Alive!]

-James Jackson Toth


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