Sleep Sun CD/LP reviewed by C.R.N. Psychgeek

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Sleep Sun CD/LP reviewed by C.R.N. Psychgeek
Jul 29, 2009, 15:17

Sleepy Sun - Embrace


Embarrassingly, I shooed this LP during its first few seconds upon my ears as sometimes life's distractions ebb and flow with the moodiness of a rather moody person. Perhaps, the sequence of songs may have had more of an impact upon me, had the second track “Lord” been the entry point. Waiting until then, only to beat me over the head with the sludge fuzz epic opener “New Age.” Not blaming creative decisions here, but “Lord” is, or can be, the most charming track on the LP. Though, “Golden Artifact” as well, has the ramblings of an early Krautrock Eastern tinged anthem that spreads like a lysergic pandemic.

Overall, the test of a successful recording is to run it through a gamut of weeks of neurotic city life and have it come back with endearment, sustenance, and conviviality. The belated comments I write for Embrace should hold some keen timing as a consolation while Sleepy Sun hits the road to hammer this brave LP home to the unsuspecting and fans alike.

Embrace is a pendulum of acid folk downers amidst the throbbing head-zone fuzz-pounders. Swaggering snot driven crooning, brings back fond memories of the glory days of those Herrema/Hagerty duets from proper royal trucker delights gone by. While I gave Embrace several weeks and several listens, it wasn't necessarily that this record needed to grow on me, quite the contrary. It hit me broadside in many ways as I have deemed this an epoch, suitable of a “summer soundtrack” as we gad about during warm days. Ambient Copernican mumbled waves of wah-wah'd guitar stabs, knock down brick walls of that S.F. sound, roller-coastering into shoegazer reaffirmations that “all,” philosophically speaking, is not that bad. This record is a treat to be certain, amidst our collective lives and its societal shortcomings. It is often when times are fucked, that our modern art has the most reverberant meaning.

Gawdspeed Sleepy Sun on your summer tour, and be sure and drop in on us psych deprived Angelinos, because by the time you get here after all those dates, this is when the ‘not so sleepy' fury is unleashed. [ATP Recordings]

-C.R.N. Psychgeek


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