El Paramo CD reviewed by C.R.N. Psychgeek

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El Paramo CD reviewed by C.R.N. Psychgeek
Aug 9, 2009, 20:34



This instrumental psych guitar four-piece from Madrid, El Paramo has all the promise of grasping at monsterdom like a fine empranillo gathering dust in some remote Spanish castle. Let these gentlemen be known as certifiable psych-o-paths as these stunning dual guitar onslaughts from the get-go shall henceforth be recommended to all Acid bathing stoner psych-hounds worldwide. I can say with some certainty, the neo-psych California-ized desert-vibe tube throttled amplified heat in a live setting, will most indubitably invoke some sense of hysteria should the group make it to the Western Shores of the USA, or any Stoner Rock arena for that matter. An enthusiastic YES, says Psychgeek—keep it coming.

The IMO caveat: this shouldn't be too harsh as it more relates to the engineering for this LP. Mr. Engineer, the drums sound like shit. Perspective: they sound like they are playing in a different band, in a different room, in a different genre and serve to detract from what this band is achieving. Mainly, that all too common contemporary “thwapp,” snare drum sound always bums me, no matter what band. It is a style choice for the drummer as well, and Mr. Drummer you may share the guilt I admonish upon you; your snare drum needs tender loving thought. The guys with the strings standing in front of you are killers and should not take the slop. Bonham-ize yourself!! String guys, I want some vocals, even if only it is someone yelling in the background. Stay the course, but allow my insight. [Alone Records]

-C.R.N. Psychgeek


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