Kava Kon CD/LP reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Kava Kon CD/LP reviewed by Michael Coleman
Aug 9, 2009, 20:38


KAVA KON Tiki for the Atomic Age CD/LP

Almost impossible to categorize, this island odyssey certainly conjures the South Pacific, as well as experimental electronica and 50's and 60's-era crime soundtracks. Sinewy and sexy, Tiki for the Atomic Age employs a dizzying array of instrumentation (here's a sample: Korg Ms-20 semi modular analog synth, Siel Orchestra Italo ensemble synth, Roland s-550 sampler, Mellotron, Roland space echo re-201, Wurlitzer 950 theatre organ with Orbit synthesizer and Leslie, Mutron phaser, etc.) to create an lush, atmospheric effect. The duo that make up Kava Kon are from Detroit and Los Angeles, but it's clear their soul is in Polynesia. Tracks titled “Chinese Surfer,” “Polynesia Poppies,” and “Palace of the Tiger Woman” are true to their exotic—and indeed, narcotic implications. A perfect soundtrack to a sultry late summer night somewhere where you can hear waves crashing on the beach. [Dionysus]

-Michael Coleman


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