Motorik CD reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Motorik CD reviewed by Michael Coleman
Aug 9, 2009, 20:23

Motorik - Klang!


The obvious comparison for this Seattle three-piece seems to be early Joy Division, but shades of Stories From The City...-era PJ Harvey, Seven Year Bitch and at times, even some of the sexy, sinister cool of early Blondie also permeate this sharp debut.

Having made all those comparisons, it's not exactly fair to describe Motorik as derivative. Their sound is fresh and urgent, especially on the machine-gun tracks like “Robert Palmer” and “Utopia Freeway.”

Motorik—a German word for “motor skill”—is an aptly named band, as many of its tunes employ a propulsive, mechanized sound. Singer Sio is a confident front-woman, framing the oft times hypnotic beats with her sturdy if not spectacular voice. The sound is somewhat limited by the absence of a constant lead guitar on some tracks, but intense drumming keeps the song moving and focused. [Self-released]

-Michael Coleman


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