Jim David and Dan Naturman COMEDY CDS reviewed by Michael Coleman

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Jim David and Dan Naturman COMEDY CDS reviewed by Michael Coleman
Aug 10, 2009, 17:10


JIM DAVID Eat Here and Get Gas CD 

 Jim David - Eat Here and Get Gas

 DAN NATURMAN Get off My Property CD

 Dan Naturman - Get Off My Property

Jim David—an Asheville, NC native now plying his comedy trade in New York City—conveys an intelligent, interesting and funny perspective on this re-release of his 2001 hit, Eat Here and Get Gas.

David's material manages to remain somewhat topical, even though the material is nearly a decade old. The comic's rapid-fire, stream-of-consciousness riffing doesn't stay on any one topic too long. He's kind of a drive-by comic, touching on race relations, homosexuals and his hometown in the span of a few minutes:

“You all have gay people in your family, if you think you don't you're the one,” he deadpans.

He also injects his material with a shot of regional flavor:

“North Carolina is a great state. They gave you Jesse Helms, Jim and Tammy Faye Baker and tobacco—all cancer-causing agents," he says.

In an age where everyone under 30 wants to pour out their wisdom on Facebook, MySpace, Youtube, etc., David has some advice:

“The older you are, you realize a very important thing—that people in their 20s don't know a goddamn thing," David declares. “People in their 20s are good for one thing—looking better than people in their 30s and 40s. So, if you're in your 20s strike a pose and shut the fuck up.”

On Get Off My Property, Dan Naturman's deadpan, self-deprecating comedy rings true in an old-school kind of way.

His everyman personae wears well on a disc that flows from pickup techniques—“Oh, you want a bar where you're going to get some action in New York? Go down the street and turn.… gay”—to his observation that No Child Left Behind is not the most effective method for ensuring America's success:

“Some of these kids, ya gotta leave em behind. I don't know how you do it—maybe at the zoo or something,” Naturman riffs.

Naturally, Naturman spends a good bit of time riffing on his failed attempts to get laid. He claims he spent so much money on one girl that his credit card company took notice:

“I actually got a call from Master Card—the guy says to me are you fucking her yet?"

Unlike lame “comics” like Dane Cook—who don't really seem to tell jokes as much as make banal observations—Naturman can find absurdity in just about any one thing. [Stand Up! Records]

-Michael Coleman


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