Dragon CD reviewed by Tony Rettman

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Dragon CD reviewed by Tony Rettman
Nov 2, 2009, 04:00

Dragon - Universal Radio

DRAGON Universal Radio CD

From what I understand, it's a tough sell to tell anyone from Dragons native New Zealand that they were once a pretty interesting band. People there only remember them in their late seventies incarnation which gave the Little River Band a run for their money in sheer lameness. But their first two albums released on the collectable Vertigo label, Universal Radio (1974) and Scented Gardens for the Blind (1975) are pretty potent prog rock jammers that should excite and titillate anyone who gets sexually excited by the site of a swirled record label and/or a garbage bag full of weed. Where Dragon fit in on the Vertigo roster can be a head scratcher for those with time to care about such things. Their style certainly isn't some bombardment of chops in the way of  Beggars Opera or Gentle Giant nor is it some lumbering hard rock snore fest like Warhorse or Buffalo. I guess I would wedge them in next to Cressida or Still Life, as they seem to have this even keel of lite theatrics and doomy passages with weirdo hippy bongo grooves in between the cracks. The bonus cuts provided include a decent enough run-through “Black Magic Woman” and a horrid wannabe glam stomper cut by one of the members that sounds like some parody thrown away by The Mighty Boosh. I say avoid the bonus cuts and stick to tracks one through six, turn off the lights, light up and tune out. [Aztec Music]

-Tony Rettman


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