The Death Set CD reviewed by Howard Wuelfing

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The Death Set CD reviewed by Howard Wuelfing
Nov 11, 2009, 06:24

The Death Set - Worldwide


In peeking at Death Set's bio, I'm not surprised to note that this recording's been released via Ninja Tune's “Counter” imprint, since (Ninja Tune owners) Atari Teenage Riot's influence looms large.  But this is one of those happy instances where an influence is obvious yet not overwhelming; it's a jumping off point rather than slavish imitation. To drop an archaic reference: Death Set play Depeche Mode to ATR's The Normal.

They deploy the relentlessly speedy, viciously over-driven, exultantly brutalized drum machines (or software that sounds like ‘em) and power-drill synths to bright, chirpy, ultimately poptastic ends. Death Set's got cute tunes, cheery sing-along choruses and colorful hooks—all forcibly shoved along with frantic, demented force. It's a lovely and effective exercise in apparent contradiction that yield an immediately arresting listen that you'll return to again and again. [Counter]

-Howard W.


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