Channel 3 LP/CD reviewed by Tony Rettman

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Channel 3 LP/CD reviewed by Tony Rettman
Nov 29, 2009, 17:47


CHANNEL 3 To Whom It May Concern: 1981 Demos LP/CD

Back when I wasn't old enough to know better, I was quite a sucker for the stuff released on the Posh Boy label. Those Agent Orange EPs...the Rodney On The ROQ comps... that one awesome Shattered Faith 7", they all just really captured my imagination and made me dream of a world of surf, sand and punk rockers that seemed like heaven from my suburban Jersey bedroom. Cut me some slack.... I was twelve. All the stuff Channel 3 released on the label—especially the After The Lights Go Out 12"—were in heavy rotation back then. They certainly fit the mold of the label's sound with their surfy beats and guitars and the raspy, earnest sounding vocals of Mike McGrann. Every once in awhile, I'll pull After... out and it still sounds good. But the one thing I notice now that I didn't back then was that these fuckers could actually play their instruments and write a cohesive tune, making it painfully obvious that these guys had a musical history before punk rock. Now that I sit here and listen to my nose hairs whistle, I could swear I remember seeing a picture of these guys in an old issue of Flipside where one member was sporting a Peter Frampton shirt. It's all getting clearer now... This disc comprised of the demos that got the band the honor of being ripped off by Robbie Fields sure ain't some holy grail, but it sure does rock pretty hard. Although more raw than the records that would eventually come out on Posh Boy, it's still pretty apparent these dudes had chops that went beyond a Clash record. Did they ever pepper their sets with covers of “Fig Tree Bay” when they were opening for Symbol Six at the Cookoos Nest? One can only hope. [TKO]

-Tony Rettman


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