The Clean CD reviewed by Tad Hendrickson

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The Clean CD reviewed by Tad Hendrickson
Dec 17, 2009, 05:38

The Clean - Mister Pop


At this point in The Clean's 30-year legacy as arguably New Zealand's most important band, the most important part of this review is simply letting people know that a new album exists. There it is, my job is done. Now you've made up your mind about whether or not you will buy it because this is a band that is like, say, Sun Ra or Tom Waits and a precious few others where you are either in or you are out. If you're in: you'll love it, cherishing the fresh batch psychedelic pop that the band has had in hand from day one. Along with it, the loose simplicity of the trio's writing (“In The Dreamlife You Need a Rubber Soul”), the droney overtones that occasionally surface (“Tensile” and “Moonjumper”) and the galloping drumming that rarely alters its gait.  It's in the lusher vein of the '90s work instead of the lo-fi '80s stuff, but this is no means a complaint.  The Clean—like an unexpected visit from an old friend. [Merge]

-Tad Hendrickson


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