The Young Widows CD reviewed by Howard Wuelfing

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The Young Widows CD reviewed by Howard Wuelfing
Dec 17, 2009, 05:33

Young Widows - Old Wounds


The Young Widows' Old Wounds is an exultant throwback to the pre-Nirvana glory days of aggressive indie rock. They forge an explosive amalgamation of galloping art-punk and dense metallurgy.

These songs simultaneously achieve ambitiously unusual structural conceits, monstrous heaviness and density—all feeling as spontaneous and cavalier as possible.

Oldsters will be reminded of the high points of the Amphetamine Reptile catalogue or Touch and Go, before they got all airy-fairy.

So yeah, this is pretty ideal mirror-smashing music for the natural born iconoclasts—avoiding just about every particular style and cliché while nabbing their best, most volatile bits. [Temporary Residence Ltd.]

-Howard W.


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