They Never Sleep CD reviewed by Stever Miller

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They Never Sleep CD reviewed by Stever Miller
Dec 17, 2009, 05:45


THEY NEVER SLEEP Mother Nature Sings Her Lullaby CD

You want poetry? “The air is cold/the wind is warm”—mission accomplished. You want Bing Crosby title check? Here it is.

Mike Hard, who fronts this outfit, is the guy you want to write your obit.

The God Bullies, from where three of the members of Sleep hail, held the title of best in the land for a few minutes in the 90s, and one more related offspring is a welcome bag of tricks. It's the disjointed rain of guitar noise and proto-mental illness that brings it home, just as it was with the Bullies. Thrall and other follow-ups never made the same sense, and this one threatens to tread that same path—an almost-there dance with greatness. Singer Hard's tribute to Molotov cocktails on “Gasoline” is dead on, and his lyrical genius is cemented. For the most part, these are traight-ahead blasts of well-penned music and word. And isn't that Alice Cooper's sneer on “Never Enough”? The deficit strikes on the slower numbers—no one can jam like that last era Bullies triumvirate, which featured ex-Cows drummer Tony Oliveri and Eric Polcyn. But this is still one mean platter, a well-produced stream of righteous sound. Hard and guitarist Livingstone have been around and together for many years and theirs is a musical marriage that makes us all better. Here, we are as close to capturing what was once musical greatness and proves that their abilities were not a time and place thing. They remain the real deal. [Mad Queen]


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