Eugene Robinson's FIGHT reviewed by Lydia Lunch

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Eugene Robinson's FIGHT reviewed by Lydia Lunch
Mar 10, 2010, 16:43

1: everything you ever wanted to know about ass-kicking but were afraid you'd get your ass kicked for asking by Eugene S. Robinson; Harper Collins, 2007

It's all down to Electricity. Energy. Matter. Motion. All creation bears the molecular memory of a terrible explosion of white light, white heat. Violence was the first act of creation. The Big Fucking Bang—to some of us Violence is as natural as breathing. Conceived in a violent act of animal passion we are born bathed in blood and battered until we're screaming...

To paraphrase both Henry Brooks Adams and Henry Miller: Chaos is the law of Nature. It is the score upon which reality is written.

I'm just scat chatting and chewing the fat in my head attempting to reduce to elementals the variables you'll need to decode if you are ever going to get just what the fuck Eugene Robinson is all about. Allow me to take a shot at breaking it down to the basics:

Entering the ring/stage/alley at 6 ft 1 and somewhere between 210 and 235 pounds—looking a hell of a lot fresher than his 40 something years would let on, with the grace of a Black Panther sporting a Cheshire Cat's grin which hides the fact that he's contemplating (b)eating your ass for breakfast and spitting you out like the small bones of a broken bird, steps Eugene Robinson. With a gentleman's demeanor which belies his twisted wit, sick humor, imposing stage presence and the many devious ways in which he could easily end your life, he giggles, shakes your hand and looking deeply into your eyes with a bemused curiosity thinks to himself as he pulls his pants down "What the fuck are you staring at?" Which according to the legend is the sentence that preceded a Brooklyn ass whipping which propelled Robinson down his path to perfecting choke holds, arm bars, death grips and bone crushing kicks.

FIGHT is both instruction manual in the fine art of man on man violence and a philosophical discourse littered with hilariously comic personal transgressions of a man strong enough to admit not only his weaknesses but his losses as well. Beautifully designed, masterfully written and full of diagrams, illustrations and action photos of some of the top players in martial arts today, FIGHT is sexy, hardcore and two bloody fists full of ass kicking fun.

-Lydia Lunch


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