RAMMSTEIN Liebe Ist Fur Alle Da CD/LP

Rammstein is too much. Too much visually, too much musically and are almost too much to take.

The packaging for this CD includes a twelve panel gatefold CD cover with gold foil lettering on the front and a sixteen panel insert booklet. The photographs on the cover show the band members with a number of naked ladies in darkened chambers in various states of dismemberment, debauchery and detachment; This is not a musical group afraid of piling it on. The visual presentation of the CD is backed up with an impressive musical heft. Each and every instrumental layer is devoted to emphasizing the relentless, throb of the music...  Rammstein throws in a orchestra and choir to back up their pounding. Other bands might devote these resources towards an increasing complexity and progification of their sound-Rammstein have no such pretensions. Their use of more is directed towards less: simply adding more and more weight behind their mix of 80s industrial hammering and heavy riffage.

And you know what? It works. Rammstein are 100% effective at what they do. There's even a song here called "Pussy." It works exactly in the manner that you would expect a song by Rammstein called "Pussy" ought to work. Vocals diminutively whispered then counter-weighted with a lot of basso profundo Deutsch. If Rammstein are in danger of being a cartoon, they know where the line is and approach it knowingly. Like the song says, "so what's the problem? Let's do it quick." [Vagrant/Pilgrim/Universal]

-Bruce Adams



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