It's hard to pinpoint why exactly young bands don't sound like they did in years past.. I'm remembering bands like Redd Kross and The Replacements, who were born of pretty natural circumstances and given extraordinary opportunities thanks to an unwavering dedication to the wrong-side-of-the-tracks ethos... I know I sound crotchety, but now we're stuck with bands like Surfer Blood... These kids are born of pretty normal circumstances (their bio says they bought their gear with the leftovers from their college scholarships..wait..what?), however, I can guarantee that these kids dip it more than a chocolatier, and that they have probably never been beaten up...  Bereft of the desperation that young bands used to have, Surfer Blood show their hand immediately...  Noodling guitars sometimes evoke thoughts of the newly resurrected Kiwi scene, but not the ingenuity of The Clean... The vocals feign carelessness instead of residing in it and the lyrics to “Catholic Pegasus” (let's go ahead and include the song title in this too) makes me want to go burn down every college prep high school in Florida...  Just look at these kids...I mean, mother says it's a shame to judge a book by the cover, but not so much when it's merely college ruled paper inside. [Kanine]

-Alan Price

Surfer Blood - Astro Coast


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