YEAR LONG DISASTER Black Magic: All Mysteries Revealed CD/LP

The critic's praise on Year Long Disaster is for its modernizing of the 70s arena thud, with reviewers falling over selves in praise of such a thing. But what I hear is a more faithful authenticity from this three-piece, if there can be any, in copping on the era and running backward with it.

In an era of Wolfmother winning a Grammy for something or another—embrace by The Man is now desirable—YLD are on the other wall—an act of retro love with inspiration. I saw them before they had anything released at a tiny club in front of 10 people and they were terrific. After the show, one of them handed me the demo that would become the first EP. It was as raucous and inspired as the show that night, and a fan was born.

It's easy to allow the fact that band leader Daniel Davies is the son of Kinks founder Dave Davies is partly to credit for YLD's placement on some pretty high falutin' concert bills. But I'd also credit tenacity and a willingness to love the music rather than the motion of making it. It is unique and challenging? Naw, but neither were the first two ZZ Top albums, or the first Spooky Tooth, or the second Nazareth—you get the idea. Real deal. And hold the Grammy. [Volcom]


Year Long Disaster - Black Magic; All Mysteries Revealed


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