HORSE THE BAND Desperate Living CD

Let's put aside music for a moment. Horse The Band as a phenomenon are something to consider. A mobile, disruptive unit that (if you read their press kit and website) takes to the road to play everywhere possible; a collective group of individuals who never seem to withhold their opinions, the chief of which is that they are awesome for doing what they do. Horse The Band have been all over the road and just might be the band perfectly conditioned to prosper in the new music business environment: Play shows; make a stink; repeat cycle. Now that is something to step back from and look at.
Musically? Screamo mutated with a heavy dose of electronics so that it's jumpy and hard edged in a way you don't often associate keyboards and laptops with. No wonder the kids seem to be responding. Between the adenoid yelps and spastic blurts I can't honestly say I “like” Horse The Band. However, from a comfortable distance the band is onto something. They're all over the place in an interesting way and if they can sustain it Horse The Band is going to be a band people talk about for a long time. [Vagrant]

-Bruce Adams



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