Boy, am I relieved! Here I am thinking that Spacemen 3 broke up because Pierce and Kember couldn't resolve their differences. Apparently they must have, and not only that, but they came up with a cute name that has to do with numbers too! It's a good thing as well because music today just hasn't enough drone laden, echoed vocal rock and roll with two chords to go around. Seriously people, ever heard of a Space Echo? They're fucking awesome! They make your voice all distant and indecipherable and pretty much SOAK panties. Either way, Moon Duo must be into some pretty obscure stuff to feel inspired enough to break it back out. I can't believe there's even a label out there that puts cool, underground, creative stuff like this out! Hello Woodsist, you're my new favorite label!

Seriously though, if you haven't heard Sound of Confusion, then this record will totally blow your hair back. Then again, if you have heard Sound of Confusion, why the fuck would you need to read a review about Moon Duo? [Woodsist]

-Alan Price



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