Third time out of the box and the Scion series hits it out of the park with their strongest, most logical paring yet. Keeping the baseball theme alive, both bands here are pitching softballs but that's okay when it comes as close to perfect as this. Both bands keep it light and sweet.... The Dirtbomb's "Secret Code" chock full of la-la-la choruses is a choice showcase for Mick Collins' honey-dipped voice proving once and for all he is the Otis Redding of our age... And as for our favorite Puerto Rican sextet, D666 get down and clowny, party burlesque stylee with horns and triangles standing in for kitchen sink on "Alvarez" which bares a mile wide cheese eating grin, brimming with brio and humor that seems to be directed largely at themselves. I don't understand a word of what they're singing but it sure doesn't seem like they're taking themselves too seriously and that's  a good thing. Wow! Contagious as fuck... [Scion A/V]


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