SWEET APPLE Love and Desperation CD/LP

Can we name a contemporary “supergroup” gathering that came out even halfway decent? Doubt it. Dead Weather. Foo Fighters. Velvet Revolver. Tinted Windows, fer fuckssake?

The truth is, sometimes, musical legacy is a detriment that can impede listenership. Case in point: I see the band Cobra Verde mentioned, anywhere, anytime, and I’m heading for the exit. Dino Jr.? OK, had its moment but that’s hardly driving me home.

But in this case, I had to get by the past affiliations and play this damn thing, all 12 songs. And shit, who coulda known? These guys—J. Mascis, Cobra Verde's Tim Parnin and John Petkovic and Witch's Dave Sweet Apple—somehow locked themselves into some creative frenzy. The muse fit. The songs range from country roots crooning to hard-ass horizontal guitar power chording.

The depth of this project is a home base for much of what these guys have cranked out before, derivatives everywhere. Doubtful they can reproduce another batch of tunes like this—there were 25 written and these are the keepers. But for now, Sweet Apple deliver. And put abortions like Dead Weather to shame. [Tee Pee]




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