Since pleasant surprises are becoming so much harder to come by, believe me, This Moment In Black History is a welcome exception to the middling garbage coming out of the "post-punk" genre. After everybody decided to go to Gang of Four's house and drink from their stream, things got a little boring and a little too arty. TMIBH obliterates the boring, careful, and often tedious party line instead favoring what can only really be described as mass confusion.

On songs like "Pollen Count" the FTW attitude is displayed in full, meandering through two minutes of a crippled guitar part, which eventually gives way to the best vocal melody of the record. There's some same-y things going on throughout but honestly, it's a strength. "Makes My Teeth White" is a highlight simply because of how it can move from Fugazi to Battalion of Saints in a breath. "My Notes" is a joke that is actually funny instead of coming off as a throwaway. Surely, everyone will want to fill your ear with talk of how explosive and psychotic this band is, but the reward here is how calculated the onslaught is. Yes, the guitars careen all over the place, but they remain articulate enough to address congress at the same time. Take note "punk bands," TMIBH isn't coming up with a new language, they're just mastering the slang. [Smog Veil]

-Alan Price


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