Looking forward to a record from a band you really like can be a lot like making a pass at the prettiest girl in the bar. Unless you have a ton of coke and a really positive (yet detached) attitude, she's not coming back to your place. Why then do we set ourselves up for hoping that "new" will someday equate to "good"? Why do we continue to think that things will change? Even middling records like Hippies and Thee Oh See's, Help, seem to us brilliant endeavors because of the fact that they aren't totally useless (see the Black Lips, 200 Million Thousand).

Hippies, lyrically, is as strong or stronger than Free Drugs which is totally encouraging. These kids write great melodies too, nor is it the clever English major rattling off his ridiculous metaphors. It's well crafted, plaintiff pop music played under the gigantic "new garage" umbrella that everyone somehow agreed to stand under. The only thing is: much like that same pretty girl at the bar, once she goes on endlessly about the SAME FUCKING THING for an hour, you forget why you were even interested in the first place. A good record when a great one was needed, an interesting band that already sounds bored with itself. [Matador]

-Alan Price



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