I had come up with two angles to write about this recording:

1) Indie Rock is lame and Talk Normal are one of a few bands working that circuit lately that are worth listening to and…

2) Talk Normal remind me a whole lot of the music I freaked out about in my 20s, but they don't feel derivative at all.

Ultimately, I couldn't really adopt either as a way of writing about Sugarland. "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" is the Roxy Music song that I've always thought no other band would ever cover effectively but Talk Normal grab the song by its sleek, willowy neck and force it to bow down. Sugarland is full of guitars that sound like keyboards, keyboards that sound like guitars and off kilter, slashing rhythms that jump out of the speakers. Sure I hear bits and pieces of bands I loved before; the jagged edge of Ut and the garage-meets-electronics mess of early Cabaret Voltaire. The duo moves beyond the adoption of form into the murkier, harder to define use of attitude and approach. Talk Normal punctuate and accentuate through blocks and gashes of silence. As overwhelming as some of the sounds are on the record, the placement of them is even more impressive. I can't wait to hear more and I'm kicking myself that I didn't know about this band earlier. [Rare Book Room Records]

-Bruce Adams



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