While all the new bullshit rock and roll bands mine the "garage" quarry it's pleasant to witness Vermillion Sands standing near the lip of it, whipping rocks at whoever comes into sight.  Subverting the genre you'll inevitably be lumped in with is not a new idea but it's certainly one that isn't utilized enough.  This becomes even more of a coup when the genre you'll be lumped in with is bloated with same-y sounding bands which are as half-baked as their catalogs.  Immediately, VS is gripping but not in an aggressive way.  They are weird, genuinely weird, spooky sounding Joe Meek-ish outcasts who likely did very poorly in their respective physical education programs.   Androgynous vocals slide all over the place and do something that nobody in garage has really thought about yet...they compliment the music.  Speaking of, this band has chops and not in the obnoxious power pop way, but in a way that reminds one of the Troggs or Kevin Ayers.  ”Wake Me When I Die” woozily delivers right on time and although the vocals are pretty much potatoes as far as the flavor goes, they sure are filling. Look out Dwyer, these kids may have the best of the early OCS stuff down better than you ever did. [Alien Snatch]

-Alan Price

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