I remember hearing 2008's Primary Colours shortly after it came out and lamenting the fact that amongst such a rich history of clever, intelligent Australian punk and post-punk bands that ECSR was just kind of...well, goofy.  Surely, this isn't entirely a bad thing amongst the throng of bands with graduate degrees in self-love, but it just seemed to detract from a pretty menacing sound.  I won't say that this has been totally rectified, but I think it has definitely been refined.  Let me tell you, it makes all the difference.  The lyrics on Rush to Relax are pointed in such a simple way, it conjures Ian Dury at his most coy, sometimes even nodding towards Dan Treacy and Television Personalities territory.  Gone are the attempts at sounding tough, which didn't really work on the other albums.  Instead, they manage to walk the line between sensitive and unaware. The guitars remains a force, but a wayward force, moving from Swell Maps to Toy Love and back around again.  It's hard to make the one note Link Wray-ish shit work with this style of music, but this stuff somehow makes it work.  Rush to Relax doesn't quite move the earth, but it surely is moving in the right direction to do so.  With a swarm of bands regressing and cashing in their 15-minute chips with a crack-head's fervor, it's nice to see a band developing in the right direction without alienating their sound.  It sure would be nice if rock and roll picked up on this example and stopped humping indie-rock's leg. [Goner]

-Alan Price



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