First inclination is to say "Ok Ringo, sit the fuck down."

And true enough, the songs all sound like vintage Dandies tunes, had the Dandies released a decent CD in the past decade. But they haven't and perhaps DeBoer is the reason—he's copping the best material.

Not that there's a genius formula to the strum and tap model that gave us majestic beauty like "Godless" or "Sleep," both acoustic blasts from the epiphany that was Thirteen Tales from Urban Bohemia.

DeBoer graces these with precious little drums or percussion but instead uses the breathy voice his lead singer—and, if we believe the fallow pool of music journos, his cousin—used to make a name during the band's 15 minutes.

Of special note is "My Heart's a Joke"; why the fuck this didn't make it to the top of the list of songs for Earth To the Dandy Warhols we don't know. Funny business that music biz.

And let the drummer jokes fly. But DeBoer has the last laugh—he grabbed the beast that made him famous, recorded it in the Warhol's own Odditorium studio, and pulled out eight songs that are every bit as worthy of the Dandies legacy. Line 'em up drummer, you deserve a few. [Headness]




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