APPLES IN STEREO Travellers In Space and Time CD/LP

Back before they outlawed smoking in public, every now and then you would get lucky enough to take a sip of your beer and find that someone had extinguished their cigarette in it. Although funny to the surrounding group of people, especially if you "dosed" yourself, this was an unwelcome surprise.  While we're talking about unwelcome surprises, let's discuss Travellers In Space and Time by the Apples in Stereo. I was previously unaware of the fact that Basement Jaxx was such great friends with these guys. I mean, I'm sure that the dudes in Apples are pissed that they released a record using their name, but it's funny when you put it on and BAM! Basement Jaxx! Man, that's rich! I bet that the joke wore off when the Apples dudes realized that instead of giving them the A-list stuff, they just went ahead and used a bunch of cheesy outtakes from their practice space. Hey! Maybe that's why it's called Travellers in Space and Time!

Here's an idea guys: Don't abandon the meager troupe of fans you have by releasing a record of half-baked silly dance songs under the name you previously made COMPLETELY different music with.

Here's another: Try to aim higher when shamelessly ripping off a band like Of Montreal. [Yep Roc]

-Alan Price



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