Real Estate: four guys from New Jersey who have created a temperate, laid back sound that has been dubbed "beach music." It's a more or less fitting description that references the sun-bleached haze and carefree atmosphere that flows from song to song rarely breaking character. It's an immediately accessible mood that appeals to those who like their dreamy, textural layers spiked with guitar jangle and drowsy vocals.

Keeping busy in 2009, Real Estate released a couple of singles followed by their debut for Woodsist and ended the year with an EP for Mexican Summer as well as a live record for Underwater Peoples Records. The majority of their catalog is already out-of-print but the self-titled Woodsist release is readily available and definitely worth picking up. A couple of the band members have side projects (Ducktails/Predator Vision) but neither of those bands are as appealing as Real Estate. [Woodsist]

-Troy Brookins



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