John Dwyer can’t sit still. He has been delivering one form of damage or another since his days in the San Francisco, CA duo Pink and Brown. But of all his projects, current and retired, nothing seems to have won over the masses like Thee Oh Sees. Dwyer rewards his faithful with generous helpings, check out the discography, of limited vinyl, CD-Rs, etc. While purists will claim that Thee Oh Sees peaked around The Master’s Bedroom is Worth Spending a Night In—this is why purists don’t get laid—I say that’s bullshit. Help was easily one of the best records that came out last year and it certainly turned a lot of heads. Warm Slime is no different. The record opens with the thirteen-minute title track that starts out with Dwyer’s vocals, drenched in reverb, working their way into chants of “All you need is the summertime.” The chant rides over a bump and grind rhythm that teases into a scratchy, psychedelic rapture, giving you the money shot at about nine minutes in and then quietly carries you into the fade-out.

Dwyer has a knack for writing a huge hook despite his minimalist lyrics and lack of anything resembling a chorus. The raucous layers of raw distortion and occasional feedback are supported and punctuated by an irresistible beat that carries through a lot of Dwyer’s latter output as Thee Oh Sees. This is best exemplified on tracks like “I Was Denied,” “Castiatic Tackle” and “Mega-feast.” It’s Dwyer getting his party on and we’re fortunate enough to be able to come along for the ride.

The live show is something to witness too as long as you can get past Dwyer’s incessant drooling—he gives Kevin Rutmanis a run for his money. They get up there and rock the shit out of the place and Dwyer leaves little pools where he’s playing. It’s sick but so are Thee Oh Sees. [In The Red]

-Troy Brookins



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