WOODS At Echo Lake CD/LP

Woods play loose and light with their fifth full-length of psychedelic Americana space jams—eleven songs that work just as well on back porches as they do at Bushwick loft parties. It’s one of those records that, on the surface, seems appropriate for Northern California mushroom gulpers, but it’s far too intriguing to let a bunch of patchouli aficionados take claim. Without much of a waver from last year’s Songs of Shame, Woods continue to successfully expand the lo-fi psych scene with a lax groove and singer/guitarist Jeremy Earl’s Neil Young on helium vocals. But don’t let that dissuade you, At Echo Lake is not as much of an acquired taste as it sounds on paper. The band continues to evolve while becoming more readily accessible but still holding tightly onto their freak folk core. Woods is definitely one of the more interesting bands still mining that sound while we mourn the loss of those who couldn’t find a way to make it work. [Woodsist]

-Troy Brookins



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