Having got the word of Sleepy Sun's second record outing was my wake up call. Oh yeah, them... and I had to see when the band was playing next and where they might be geographically. Well, DOH!! They were on their way (a couple days out) to the small town in which I live, Los Angeles, so the wait was over at last. They hit the stage at some local dive bar in Echo Park called whatchamafux. There was a stage and some sound equipment, so I was happy enough. The band was pimping their last and first LP, Embrace, which was, as I had foretold, unleashed with a not so sleepy fury. Verdict: KILLER!!!

The sludge fuzz nuances sprinkled with the dreamy and bubbly acid folk lysergic 'time for a nap' lazy day deviance, instructed me to turn on and drop the fuck out, so I did. You would too, if you were me, but you're not...

One little taste was all I asked and so, without pre-listening to Fever, was introduced to the opening track, "Marina." Which astounded me live with its overt hip swaying boogie psych breaking into a tribal chanting coupled with good old doom laden behemoth groove fuzz-rawk all tossed into the vibe of the whole set. It was a taste to be certain and nice to get a visual impression of a song without having heard the recording. So anyway, forced to turn back home and listen to the LP for more, as whatchamaF!!!, oh never mind, turned into a disco at 10:30 and Sleepy Sun was offed to make room for Silver Lake Denny Terrios and that ilk. Good news is, they are nearby again for a show next week, so...

Heavy is as heavy does, the LP is quite the pounder with a loving dose desert peyote-o-shroomic anthems to keep your head rolling around inside your brain. Though, my penchant these days for the softer side of life left no dismay, as LP tune number 2, "Rigamaroo" supplied me with that San Franciscan sound I hold so dear. To which, when I lived there, was nowhere to be found. "San Francisco is dead... lalala-lala". Fever, in a manner of speaking, has no naff tracks. The engineering is big, clean, open, and maybe a little less raw than I would touch it up with, but never mind all that. It rocks and it rolls, it calms and soothes, and charms and it bludgeons. It's a LOUD LP with many quiet moments, but it is the quiet moments that need to be 'as loud as possible' for the heady effect of this darling band's confluence of energy.

Without dissecting each and every track and name-dropping comparisons, which I detest as far as music reviews go, I would compare them to themselves and say, this LP compliments the first. Moreover, it is the group themselves to which the definition of bounding greatness is implied, it is a Stoner Rock thing. Next stop, put them in front of 50,000 and blow the lid off!! [ATP]

-C.R.N. Psychgeek



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