DIAMOND RINGS Special Affections CD/LP

To hear John O'Regan talk of his epiphany about intelligent dance music while listening to the disco version of Gordon Lightfoot's "If You Could Read My Mind," you'd think the guy had single handedly invented the IDM genre... well, not quite, but I wish to God that he had. Boasting a voice that could make both Sinatra and Calvin Johnson jealous, Mr. O'Regan and his Diamond Rings project are poised on the edge of mega-stardom with this first collection of extremely memorable and intelligent pop songs. Tunes like "Wait and See," a wistful tale of bullying and break ups, are the kind of things that stick with you forever, the lyrics defining how you feel about situations that you've maybe been through for the rest of your life ("Don't you wait around, for me to decide what I want to grow up to be/ I'll just let you down, if I do decide that I'll just have to wait and see"...pretty freaking mature for a 24 year old). Some claimed Diamond Rings to be a sugar coated novelty upon first site of the awkwardly tall Mr. O'Regan, with his rainbow eye make up and plastic ice around his neck, but one listen to the perfectly crafted pop on offer here will dispel any notions that this guy is a Postal Service type flash in the pan. Don't get me wrong, there's definitely room for growth, but I think it's fitting that Diamond Rings first album is a relatively simple one guy with some instruments and a laptop type affair—no need to bring in the symphony or the choir on your freshman effort. Avoiding this album is gonna be pretty difficult in the near future, so get into this quick so you can hip all your friends to it and be a hero while there's still time... [Secret City]

-Mike Stender


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