WITCH Introduction CD

It seems that with most wells poisoned or dry, the only decent things worth drinking are those that have been left untouched for years. Again, we find this to be the case with Witch, circa early 70s, Zambia, Africa. That's right.  Along with the re-release of their masterpiece Lazy Bones, QDK-Media has truly discovered something that was worth unearthing.  Unlike the sometimes questionable “gems” that Light In the Attic often puts forth, Introduction is truly a jewel.  Now, I’m sure that you’re going to hear a bunch of dipshits calling this “garagey” and “post-punk,” but fuck that. This is simply musical… creativity at its base, and its true strength lies in the impossibility of lumping it into the piles that those same poofs have thrown every other interesting record into.

The fact that these records were so unavailable for such a long time is criminal, yet understandable, when you consider how queer it must’ve been.  Considering it moves from sounding like John Mayall to Segun Bucknor to Hasil Adkins and then blends the three of them on a song about looking like a chicken (the most bona-fide candidate for your “DJ set”) these guys are surprisingly focused. The songs not only work together, it seems almost as if they respond to parts set up previously.  The version of blues here is so labored and woozy that it suggests that maybe all those dudes in Chicago had it wrong all along. You should probably just go buy this record. It’ll make you look worldly and it immediately ups your international credo.  Putting it on at a dinner party with your work friends will bring on the “what’s this?!” from the IT dude and the graphic designer. Strangely enough, you’ll probably like it when no one is around too. [QDK-Media]

-Alan Price


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