I am starting to suspect that Drugs Dragons might be dabbling in marijuana and/or 4-Loko… but that’s mere speculation on my part. Perhaps they’re simply into macrobiotics and light cardio workouts.

Either way, whatever regimen they’ve employed is paying off in dividends of glorious noise-pound skree reminiscent of Touch and Go’s early 90s heyday.

And we should expect nothing less from Milwaukee dudes like Tony Sagger (Night Terrors, Tony Sagger One Man Band) and Puke Dragons (1/2 of the Get Drunk DJ’s). Bastardized AC/DC riffage with maybe a touch of (could it be?) early ZZ Top filtered through the kinds of bitch-stomp rhythms fellow Milwaukeeans The Mistreaters used to get up to are topped off with Hunched-over barbaric YOWps in the vocal growls.  From these disparate influences, coupled with whatever life-and-death visions permeate their late-night minds when the after-bar is winding down and sleep ain’t happening, the songs on their debut album lurch and pounce like schizophrenic winos who feel it necessary to loudly inform all passersby of Chuds in love, rat people and braingraves.

Generally speaking, Milwaukee (at least her garage-punk scene) doesn’t have much time nor patience for the precious, the dandified, the nancififissian They’re too drunk, and their Bullshit Detectors are too consistently set to “FUCK THIS SHIT” to bother with that kind of thing. They know what they want, they know what they like, and they know what they’re talking about—they have the record collections and a vast musical knowledge to back it up. Because of this, the bands from Milwaukee have consistently been of a higher quality than lots other places. While some bands around the world lack the creativity and originality to transcend the influences they wear on their paint-by-numbered sleeves (“Here’s our Black Lips phase, now here’s our glam rock phase, now here’s our Britpop phase, enjoy!”), the bands in Milwaukee have been quite adept at taking the stuff of influence and incorporating it into evolved, non-derivative sounds.  Drugs Dragons is as fine an example of this as you are likely to hear from the shart rock side of the spectrum  [Dusty Medical]

-Brian Costello

Drugs Dragons - Drugs Dragons

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