Brazil’s Cansei de Ser Sexy are prime exemplars of cargo-cult dance-rock: wholly devoted to crowd-pleasing, with catchy tunes, peppy beats and abject surrender to convention and predictability. If latter-day No Doubt need an opening act, then CSS is it.

The one deviation from the expected would be the lyrics which are clearly written by people for whom English is a second language AND (more importantly) whose concerns are entirely superficial and jejune. The ultimate act of asserting one’s identity and uniqueness here seems to be “to sing this song as loud as can be.”

Heretofore, music this gigglingly eager to please has been the domain of Sweden, where candi-coloured insipidity is considered a cardinal virtue, or L.A. where some babes with do anything—and THEN blow you—to gain a toehold in “The Biz.” Clearly, now Brazil is staking its claim! [Sub Pop]

-Howard Wuelfing

Donkey - Cansei de Ser Sexy


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